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You Call That Spirit?

Sorry for such short notice, but I will now be blogging at:


(Please note the name has changed to "love is all you knit" as opposed to "need.")

When I logged in to post, blogSpirit notified me that I had reached the limitations on my free account and would have to enroll in a paid service to continue.  Normally I would be fine with that, but the pricing page was written in French (or a similar language, I can't be sure since I don't speak or read it) and I couldn't for the life of me even figure out how much they wanted to charge me.  Then there's the fact that I've known for a while that I would eventually want to switch to another service....

So, please update your feeds!  I would hate to think of losing my blog-friends just because of crappy blog service.  Besides, if you don't update your feed, you won't get to check out those awesome stripy socks I'm making.  (Yes, I'm saying that purely to entice you to visit my new place!)

And on a technical note... my problem now is that I really want to move all my posts from blogSpirit over to my Wordpress blog so that it can contain my entire blogging history, but a techie friend of mine looked into it and there's not really an easy way.  Have any of you moved from BS to WP? (I know WP has an import feature, but not one for importing from BS.)

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Dumpster Diving

Sunday afternoon we were all headed back from the Chelsea Piers (where we spotted Richard Belzer,) and on the street next to a pile of garbage I walked past this:


I doubled back and peeked in the bag, "Oh my gosh, it's in pretty good shape! Joey, I want it!"
He reminded me, "But its trash, and trash is gross."
"Yes, its trash, that's why I want to take it. Do you know how much these things cost brand new? I've been wanting one for over a year now..."
Then I had to explain to the other guys what a dressform is. They all convinced me that it was gross and dirty, and it made Aaron start sneezing, and we would have to carry it on the train and to the bar and the 13 or so blocks home.... and so we walked on. I had gone about four steps when I ran back, grabbed the bag and said, "Sorry, I have to have it. I'll carry it and I'll disinfect it when I get home!"

And so I carried my new dressform happily to the train stop, onto the subway, and to the bar, waxing poetic the whole time about how I couldn't believe it was such a great find, and why someone would throw something like this away, and how it probably only ever served its sole purpose to hold clothing, so it couldn't be that disgustingly gross. Josh and Aaron assembled it next to our table once we were inside the bar and we all marveled at how cool it really was.

We continued our usual bar run, complete with games of Jenga and Big Buck Hunter, when a random drunk girl wanted to get in on Joey and Aaron's game of pool. Aaron got stuck playing with her and he kept coming over to our table telling us how drunk she was, that she couldn't even hit the ball without trying three times. I overheard her talking about her friend who had "fallen asleep" on the street outside the bar and how he was supposed to be meeting her there. (Classy!) Then her friend walked past the window and when he saw her he came inside. I watched him stumble drunkenly over to where she was playing pool and talk to her for a little bit. Then he sauntered over by our table, put his arm around my dressform and leaned heavily on it. I turned to him and said, "Hey that's not the bar's it's actually mine, so please don't lean on it, I don't want it to break." And he slurr-mumbled something about "Leaning lightly," and continued to lean on it very drunkenly and threatening to break one of the not-so-sturdy plastic parts of the stand. "Please, dude, you're messing with my stuff. You're gonna break it!" I warned again as Joey walked over, noticing that this guy wouldn't leave after I had asked him nicely. Then the guy noticed that all my friends were watching him closely and he flipped out, saying some crap about how no one in New York can take a joke any more, and I think I said something like, "It's not a joke if you break my stuff," and it ended by all of my guys being on high alert at this drunken idiot gone on a rampage, saying how he wanted to kill himself. His pool-playing friend was even trying to calm him down cause she could even tell through her own drunkenness how idiotic he was being. The stress dissipated quickly after that because the drunk dude left the bar. We actually saw him again later as we were leaving and he was by the bathrooms trying to open a locked bathroom door, and then knocking on it repeatedly while one of our group used the facilities.
So, the morals of the story are this:
1) Don't drink so much that you end up a belligerent fool.
2) One man's trash is another man's treasure.

It does look a little silly when I stretch it out to my measurements, though. (Smallest size on top and almost-largest size on bottom: we can't all be perfect!) But I am completely giddy with my find.

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A Weekend With Friends

We had some friends from Texas come visit us for a long weekend. There was only a small amount of knitting done- maybe three or four more stripes added to my sock, nothing that noteworthy. Instead, I wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend taken with my friends' camera. We had a long, crazy, fun, celebrity-filled few days.

First up, the group:
Joey, Me, Josh, Jim, Eric. (Brother-in-law Aaron took the pic)


Celebrity Sighting #1: The Unknown Celebrity. Well, obviously the autograph-seeker knows who he is but we couldn't figure it out. We think they were filming an episode of Law and Order in the area, if that helps.

We visited the WTC area on September 11th, along with many other people:



We stood in awe:

We played some foosball:


Had many good conversations:

Celebrity Sighting #2: Beyonce. She was filming a music video just down the street- she would come out of a bodega and arrest some guy.

We visited the American Museum of Natural History and saw some fun stuff:


Celebrity Sighting #3: Richard Belzer. We were busy talking about how this one guy looked like a balding David Duchovny and then Richard Belzer showed up out of nowhere.


We played some amazing games of Jenga:

And of course, Big Buck Hunter:

All in all, I'd say we exhausted ourselves:

I'll save my story of what I found on the street and the fight it caused for tomorrow!

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An Interview With Joey


Q: How do you feel about my knitting as a hobby?
A: I think its great.

Q: Do you feel like I spend too much time knitting?
A: No.

Q: What is your favorite thing that I've knitted?
A: Proabably the sweater for the baby.

Q: Do you wish I knitted more things for you?
A: Yes but I know it takes a lot of time, though I do want some fingerless gloves.
(Must add that to the queue.)

Q: Do you know what my favorite yarn is? If not, take a wild guess.
A: Alpaca?
(I guess I'll give him that one, I used to love alpaca. I still like it, but I'm more wool-focused now.)

Q: Do you know what a swift is? If not, take a wild guess.
A: Yeah its that thing that you use to wind the yarn or whatever.

Q: The big thing or the little thing that I wind yarn with?
A: The big one.

Q: Do you know what DPN stands for? If not, take a wild guess.
A: Drop... Purl... News...???
(Well, at least he knew "purl" had something to do with knitting.)

Q: What is your favorite yarn?
A: Whatever you made my scarf out of.
(Knit Picks Panache. Too bad it doesn't wear well.)

Q: Do you think I spend too much money on yarn/knitting related things?
A: I'm not actually aware of how much money you spend on yarn.

Q: Use one word to describe knitting.
A: Hip.
(Good answer!)

Q: Do you notice knitted things in stores or on other people more now that you've been around me knitting?
A: Absolutely.

Q: What's one thing you'd like to say about me/knitting/my knitting to end this interview with?
A: I think you're the best knitter around.

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Things I'm Doing Today

Finding and sewing buttons on the February Baby Sweater:


Watching a sock grow like magic:

And making the enchiladas I've been craving for the past three months:


February Baby Sweater

I love this sweater but I hate that I have to show it off using my cell phone camera, because the pictures just don't show the depth of the color or the lace pattern. You'll just have to use your imagination, folks.


My favorite part is the garter stitch yoke. For the longest time I was adamantly against garter stitch because I thought it looked too "beginner." The minute I learned to purl I longed only for smooth swaths of stockinette. But now that I'm maturing as a knitter I understand the cozy, cushy allure of garter stitch.

The garter edging sets off the lace pattern nicely. The lace seems to add an heirloom quality to this sweater; it makes me think of a time when all of baby's sweaters were lovingly hand knit. I'm glad my new nephew will get to experience the feel of being wrapped in a big cozy hug from Aunt Kimi while I'm 1500 miles away.

Pattern: February Baby Sweater on Two Needles from Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Arucania Nature Wool, Color 40
Started August 13, 2008
Finished August 30, 2008


Baby Boom

(Please bear with my cell phone pictures, our camera has gone kaput. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.)

The FBS is now full speed ahead as I've conquered the hardest parts: seaming up the sleeves and picking up stitches at the underarms.


I'm quite enamored with this little sweater; I think it is the most beautiful thing I've knitted and I'm not even done with it yet. Imagining the rosy-cheeked and undoubtedly blue-eyed baby that will be wearing it come December leaves me even more in love.


This Post Brought to You by the Letter "C"


Here's a little peek at what I've been working on today.
The neckline of my February Baby Sweater (FBS) looks like a certain alphabetical character, so I thought I would try and see how many words I can come up with that start with that letter can be used to describe babies.
cute, cuddly, coddle, coo, colic, care, comfort...
Okay, I'm stalled on this one. Maybe you guys can help me come up with some creative C words that describe baby to keep my poor pregnant sister, who has sentenced to two weeks of bedrest due to a "gaping sacrum," entertained.
Ooh, I just thought of another one: contractions.


An Afternoon in Brooklyn

Yesterday Joey and I decided to ride down to a nearby park to sit on a blanket in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having in New York this week.

Joey read aloud from Cash by Johnny Cash while I cast on for a February Baby Sweater.

We headed back home just in time to miss a sudden cloudburst. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it rained so hard that the drops were speeding down sideways. When we headed back out for some dinner, the sky was absolutely stunning.

It was a wonderful and peaceful afternoon.

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I've had two skeins of this green Arucania Nature Wool in my stash for over a year. I remember when I got it in the mail I was disappointed that it wasn't as soft as I had hoped. At the time, I was completely mesmerized by all the soft baby alpaca and merino yarns out there and quickly threw this into the nether regions of my stash and moved on to softer, squooshier yarns. My tastes have changed a little since then and I find myself longing for woolier, more hardy yarns that won't pill like crazy before you're done knitting with them.
When I decided I wanted to knit a pair of dashing, I felt like the Nature Wool was a perfect choice- I wouldn't have to worry if it was too scratchy to be around my neck and I wouldn't have to worry about it pilling like mad. After knitting with it, I realized that I love this yarn! I like the wooly feel and I don't think it would be too scratchy against my neck after all, especially after a cool dip in Soak. The subtle variation in the color is my favorite part- it gives more depth to your stitches without overpowering a pattern. I love this yarn so much that I'm swatching with it for a February Baby Sweater that will be next on the needles. Hope you guys aren't tired of green yet.

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Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

Yes sir, yes sir


Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann is a book I picked up last Monday when my mom and I went shopping in Dallas and by Wednesday night I had already finished it. It is about a flock of sheep who find that their dear shepherd has been murdered and they set out to solve the mystery of his killer. I found it cute and clever and fun to read. When I was done, I was a little disappointed that I had read through it so fast as it has been a while since I've read a book that I didn't want to put down.
If you're finding it a little too hot this summer to knit, this book is a good way to enjoy some wooly fun.

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A Week At Sandybrook Ranch

I was going to begin this post by complaining about how difficult it was for me to get from Brooklyn to my parents' Texas ranch (3 planes, 2 trains, 1 automobile) but I decided to focus on all of the fun stuff I did last week.
I saw the clouds from above


I wrote, knit and snacked while I flew

I picnic-ed in the shade with the family

I drove a tractor and raked hay

I enjoyed the beautiful sunflowers

I hung out with the nephews

and I loved on the dogs

I had a wonderful week visiting my family and I'm so glad I got to spend some unexpected time with them.

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Are Bugs in Rugs Really That Snug?

Since today was Joey's first day at work and I was home alone with a monster headache brought on by being in bed all day yesterday with an atrocious stomach bug, I decided to stay in today and finish off an armwarmer.


This one is a wee bit snug on me which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't originally intended it for Joey. Now I'm wondering if I should forge ahead with the second one, potentially creating a situation in which I have a really cute knit that I don't wear that often cause I can't seem to get it off once its on. Or maybe I'll block it and see if it grows any.

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Hanging On For Dear Life

Remind me not to drunk-blog anymore. Sheesh. Thanks for the kind words, though. I'm already in a much better mood. This weekend was a blast.
We headed over to our friends' apartment, where they were hosting a rooftop barbecue complete with fajitas, grilled corn, hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade blackberry cobbler and homemade ice cream. We were joined by tons of people who we didn't know and we partied with them all. Then came the fireworks, which were three times the size of any fireworks show I've seen. Here is a picture that doesn't show the two identical scenes to the right and left.


On Sunday we decided to go for a bike ride around Brooklyn which became a bike ride around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now, I am not an in-shape person. I get winded climbing the stairs in my 3rd-floor walkup, but I thought I was getting better after all the walking I've been doing around here. Those hills were killing me! We went from our apartment to this beautiful park in Brooklyn called Prospect Park, rode their bike trail, went up to the Brooklyn Bridge and biked across it along with the hordes of tourists, ending in Manhattan. Then we rode along part of the Hudson River bike trail, passed by the WTC site and the Vietnam War Veteran's Memorial, and Pier 17, with all the cool old ships docked there. Then we headed up to the Williamsburg bridge and biked it back home. Actually, I had to walk my bike up the first part of the Williamsburg bridge because it was too steep for me. Then I had to hang on white-knuckled as I zoomed down the second half, feeling my bike vibrate so hard I thought the back wheel was going to fall off. By the time we got home, I thought I was going to die. My legs were shaking so badly I could hardly stand. My hands were in an semi-permanent claw position and I uncurled them to reveal two nice swollen bruise-spots on my palms, which are still hurting me today.

This better not interfere with my knitting

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Peter Pan, Where Are You?

So the yarn store never called me back. I'm floored as to why they didn't call me back- I reorganized my resume to show off my customer service and retail "skills," as well as wrote a nice intro into how much I love knitting and the whole fiber world. Plus, I knitted a bad-ass lace swatch at my interview. Actually, I wasn't even interviewed, I just went in and was asked to knit a lace swatch. Then they said they'd call for a second interview and they never did. And I KNOW I didn't make any mistakes on that dang lace swatch. So I chalked it up to maybe they interviewed someone who knew someone and it just didn't work out for me. But then I saw that they RELISTED their original help wanted ad. Maybe I should apply again just to piss them off. Actually, no. I will just not buy from their store. There's one that's way closer to my apartment anyway.
So, since I last posted I not only didn't get hired for the yarn store job, but I did get hired for a personal assistant job. And I worked one day and then turned it down. I've never done that before, but I came home from my first day and just bawled my eyes out at how horrible a day it was and then took it as a sign that I probably shouldn't do that to myself on a daily basis. And today, I went for another interview, doing the same thing I did back home. It actually seemed to go pretty well for an interview and I want to say that I'm a shoe-in. I guess I'll go ahead and post this and then we'll all see what happens together.
It has been an amazing but emotional month here in Brooklyn. I love this city and I'm so glad I moved here, but I miss my family and my dogs and I'm anxious to get settled and comfortable again.
So as not to have a completely depressing post, I'll end with some fun, upbeat commentary:
Joey got a job and it is one he really wanted- he starts tomorrow.
We live in such a fun part of the city and have had a complete blast every day that we've been here.
If I get this new job, I'll have plenty of time to knit and read on the subway ride in.
I've basically just had a month-long vacation in NYC with my favorite person in the world. Now we get to start new lives here and keep on enjoying ourselves.

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Yah Mo Blog Here

Right before our move Joey started a blog to document the trip and our new experiences in Brooklyn. I've joined in blogging with him there and plan do do most of my "Brooklyn-themed" blogging there. I will of course keep up with my usual knitting banter here. If you'd like to visit the other blog, go to http://yahmobloghere.wordpress.com

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Rainy Day Knitting


Today is a peaceful rainy day. Joey and I have been sending out resumes and hoping for the best. I had an interview on Saturday at a yarn store and am waiting for a call back. A. YARN. STORE. Talk about a dream job! Spending your entire day surrounded by yarn, talking to people about yarn, teaching people how to play with yarn... sounds like heaven to me! It is a really cute store that sells coffee, too.
I'm getting close to the end on my first of the pair of Dashing I'm knitting. It is coming out smaller than I planned, I don't think Joey will be able to get his hands into these, so they'll just have to be mine. (Oh, darn)
Have you ever seen a plant like that? It is called a String of Pearls, and my Nana always has one when she and my Gampa come visit in their motor home. This year she propagated hers into three new plants for my mom, sister and me. I like looking at it and waiting for new stems to develop. It reminds me of home while I'm here waiting for new opportunities to develop.

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So I got this text from my sister the other day:


Now I get to go on a yarn hunt, which is going to be fun. I've always wanted to knit a February Baby Sweater.
(No, they don't know what it is either and they don't plan on finding out which is killing me!)

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Proof Of Life

Proof that I do still knit and that this really is a knitting blog.


This is the first of the pair of Dashing that I thought I would have in the can by the end of my road trip. Obviously I did not consider how much I enjoy sleeping. Those cable rows are a little hellish (as in: I've dropped plenty of stitches every time I did one.) But the rest of the way it is a really simple rib pattern. I think they're going to be really cute!

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Things You Need To Survive in Brooklyn

1. Comfortable shoes. Not just shoes that "don't hurt," but shoes that are like freaking pillows to your feet. My little toes are both so swollen and blistered right now and I have no idea what shoes I have that won't cause them more pain.
2. An air conditioner unit or gigantic box fan parked right in front of you at all times. Seriously, I completely underestimated how hot it gets up here.
3. A good map. I have three of them in my purse right now, but we've still managed to walk fourteen blocks in the wrong direction more times than I'd like to admit.
4. A camera to catch all the crazy awesome sights.




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